Why Exterior Cladding Might Be a Good Idea

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Exterior timber cladding is used to provide a protective layer of material which acts in separating a building’s structure and its interior from the outside elements.

Exterior cladding can also be effective against sound and weather, but it is most effective at protecting against any solar damage, water, the wind, and the outside temperature.

Solar damage

Exterior timber cladding will protect the structure from damage and deterioration that can be created from UV waves. The exterior elements of a structure must have the ability to resist the harmful effects of the sun.


Water is one of the most difficult elements to protect your building against, however, by using waterproof membranes, siding, flashing, weeps, weatherstripping and sealant, water can be repelled. Choosing siding should be your first option, as this is considered your first line of defence and the most important cladding element.


Exterior cladding can also provide a shield from the wind. In order to avoid any damage that could be caused to the timber cladding, the materials should be securely applied to the structure while allowing minimal movement by the wind.


The cladding can protect structures from extreme weather conditions such as freezing winters and sweltering summers. ┬áBy using rigid insulation which is essentially built up layers of material to protect the building from outside temperatures, and sometimes inside temperatures. This is done through the creation of thermal gaps that won’t allow temperatures to be conducted through the cladding.

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