Types of Timber Cladding

timber cladding

A timber cladding exterior will protect a home from moisture and air penetration.

Wood cladding has been utilised by builders since the late eighteenth-century prior to the implementation of modern construction techniques.

There are many types of timber cladding, however, there are few that offer unique character to applications.

Notched Lap

This particular cladding possesses the same taper to it as regular lap cladding, but the top and the bottom are both notched – enabled the pieces to fit together when they are installed.

Tapered Lap Timber Cladding

This particular timber cladding has a tapered thickness at the top with a widened bottom. The cladding is installed horizontally, nailed to the wall just above the overlap.

Shiplap Timber

Shiplap Timber Cladding does have a notched overlap along with a slight angle after the notch which gives it that extra character.

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