An Overview of Timber Framing

The frame of a house is that of a skeleton.

It gives the building shape and offers it structural support, and provides a base on which later materials will be attached.

Timber is the common material used as framing in residential construction.

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How To: Clean Your Timber Decking

Cleaning your timber decking isn’t as hard as you may think.

Of course you will want to maintain your decking after investing so much time and effort into it! Chandler’s Ford Timber have a simple and inexpensive solution for you to keep your decking in prime condition.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Timber Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a brilliant choice regarding its appearance and durability.

Choosing the right timber is incredibly vital as this will affect the overall look of the room and is also important for practical reasons – is it hard wearing enough to withstand a lot or a little football?

Chandler Ford Timber recommend taking the following five factors into consideration when choosing to purchase any type of solid wood flooring.

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Types of Timber Cladding

A timber cladding exterior will protect a home from moisture and air penetration.

Wood cladding has been utilised by builders since the late eighteenth-century prior to the implementation of modern construction techniques.

There are many types of timber cladding, however, there are few that offer unique character to applications.

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Why Exterior Cladding Might Be a Good Idea

Exterior timber cladding is used to provide a protective layer of material which acts in separating a building’s structure and its interior from the outside elements.

Exterior cladding can also be effective against sound and weather, but it is most effective at protecting against any solar damage, water, the wind, and the outside temperature.

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Common Timber Cladding Mistakes & how to avoid them

The properties of timber cladding provide many benefits.

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Maintaining a Timber Exterior

The proper maintenance for your exterior timber cladding is vital for the lifespan.

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Softwood and hardwood timber

When discussing timber, there are two types of wood that people will refer to: softwood and hardwood.

Though the names may suggest, density does not come into the equation. Some softwoods may be harder than some hardwoods, the name is solely from the tree the wood comes from.


Extracted from coniferous trees that keep their foliage throughout the year, common softwoods are fir and pine which are found in cooler parts of the world.

80% of all timber is sourced from softwood trees.

Softwood, overall, is easier to manipulate and has a variety of uses. It is the prime wood that is utilised for a lot of structural work and can be integrated into furniture along with door frames


Hardwood timber is sourced from broadleaved trees. Broadleaves are typically native British trees such as beech, oak and ash. There are more species of hardwood than softwood.

The wood of hardwood trees tends to be incredibly resistant to decay which makes it suitable for exterior work.

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Properties of timber cladding

Here at Chandlers Ford Timber, we supply quality timber that is suitable for all of your needs.

Timber is an extremely popular material for cladding and for good reason, the properties it possesses make it appealing; it’s environmentally friendly, natural, is fairly lightweight, and is incredibly durable.

Environmentally friendly

As timber is a natural, environmentally friendly material thus it is a renewable source and is biodegradable. More energy is actually used up when producing and manufacturing other cladding materials like concrete or metal and because of this, timber cladding is the more sought out material.

Natural insulation

The structure of timber is cellular which is brilliant for providing natural insulation. Heat will also be retained during the winter months when it’s colder.

Lightweight material

Another attractive factor of timber cladding is the fact it isn’t a heavy material allowing transportation of the wood to be done with ease. Hiring a professional for the installation of the cladding will also be notably cheaper than any other material because it is lightweight.


Cedar is specifically a durable timber material. Depending on the correct installation and if the wood is regularly treated, it can last an extremely long time. Added to this is timber’s resistance to corrosion, frost, heat and pollution with the exception of moisture which can easily be controlled.

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