Softwood and hardwood timber

When discussing timber, there are two types of wood that people will refer to: softwood and hardwood.

Though the names may suggest, density does not come into the equation. Some softwoods may be harder than some hardwoods, the name is solely from the tree the wood comes from.


Extracted from coniferous trees that keep their foliage throughout the year, common softwoods are fir and pine which are found in cooler parts of the world.

80% of all timber is sourced from softwood trees.

Softwood, overall, is easier to manipulate and has a variety of uses. It is the prime wood that is utilised for a lot of structural work and can be integrated into furniture along with door frames


Hardwood timber is sourced from broadleaved trees. Broadleaves are typically native British trees such as beech, oak and ash. There are more species of hardwood than softwood.

The wood of hardwood trees tends to be incredibly resistant to decay which makes it suitable for exterior work.

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