How to make your own timber trusses

timber trusses

Not only do timber trusses add beauty and style to home decor but they are designed to carry the load of the roof.

Be mindful to take care of the type of wood and the quality of the timber used for timber trusses.

What you’ll need:

  • Architectural plans
  • Chisels
  • Electric drills and bits
  • Engineering plans
  • Hand saws
  • Squares
  • Tape measure
  • Timbers

Take your architectural plans to an engineer and have the roof trusses designed to carry the load of the roof. It is also good to show the engineer the style of truss you want to use for your design. The engineer will need this knowledge.

Choose each timber for the truss carefully from the saw mill. Direct the saw mill to cut the timbers down to the size specified in the engineering documents. The top and bottom cords will need to be made from the straightest timber available.

The timber should then be cut for the truss according to the engineering plans. Typical timber frame tools include chisels, hand saws, circular saws, squares, and drills.

The pieces will need to be laid out on a flat surface to check the fit of each joint. Assemble the entire truss on the ground. Make sure you check the accuracy of all dimensions and angles against the engineering plans.

Disassemble the truss and number each joint before stacking it on a level surface. Repeat the process for each truss required for your project. Keep each set of trusses separated from the other until you need to assemble and raise the trusses.

Alternatively, you can hire professionals to assemble the timber trusses!