Maintaining a Timber Exterior

timber cladding

The proper maintenance for your exterior timber cladding is vital for the lifespan.

The advice that is given is to, if needed, treat the wood prior to fitting. When treating your timber cladding it is best to get a hold of protective coating that enables the wood to breathe and makes sure it’s water and UV resistant – opaque coatings tend to need more maintenance.

Use a penetrative product, as this will clean the wood and apply for a UV protection, as well as keep it free from mould and rot. It is advised to avoid using paints as it will leave behind a filmy residue which tends to bubble.

As there aren’t any natural products that are maintenance free, you will need to keep an eye on your exterior timber cladding and take action the moment something goes wrong. There are also ‘modified’ cladding timber products which have been created to minimise rot, warping and splitting and can last up to three decades with no maintenance needed!

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