What’s so good about Timber?

Timber good

Here at Chandler Ford Timber, we have over 50 years of experience in supplying timber products from well managed, renewable or sustainable sourced. Thus, with this knowledge we know that timber is the ideal choice, especially for cladding. But why is Timber the ideal choice for cladding? Why is it suitable for all of your needs?

  • Durable
    Timber is a durable timber material, especially if cedar is used. As long as it is correctly installed and the wood is treated regularly, it can last a very long time. This as well as being resistant to corrosion, frost, heat and pollution. It is susceptible to moisture, however this can easily be controlled with the right treatment.
  • Lightweight
    Although some of the denser hardwoods tend to be heavy, timber is lightweight majority of the time. This means that it is easy to transport and installation of cladding would be somewhat cheaper as the material that is being used is lightweight.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    As well as being durable and lightweight, timber is also natural and environmentally friendly. This also means that it is a renewable source, has a low carbon footprint and is biodegradable.  More energy is used up when producing and manufacturing  other cladding materials, such as concrete and metal, thus making timber the most sought out material.
  • Natural Insulation
    This cladding material is also a good natural insulator, as the structure of timber is cellular. This means that the heat will be retained during the winter months when it is considerably colder.
  • Visually appealing
    Lastly, Timber is the ideal material to choose because it is also appealing to look at. And when it is used for cladding it leaves the most ideal finish to the home.
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