Common Timber Cladding Mistakes & how to avoid them

timber cladding

The properties of timber cladding provide many benefits.

Timber can have an extremely long life, of course, you are getting value for what you pay. However, this may not be the case if you come across these common timber mistakes that many have made.

In order to find out what the common timber cladding mistakes are, and how to avoid them, keep reading!

Living in the UK means we come into contact with a damp climate, quite often. Because of this, there is likely to be a build-up of moisture on and inside the wood. We advise refraining from using exterior cladding on east and north-facing surfaces.

Furthermore, it isn’t advisable to install cladding before an oncoming heat wave,┬ánor during one.

If you are looking for durability, opt for a hardwood cladding over a softwood, and look for experienced timber cladding installers.

Once your cladding has been installed, make sure that you finish your wood with a suitable protectant and plan a maintenance cycle to keep the appearance of your wood in top condition.

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